Things To Do

Given Dawt Mills reclusive location nothing is very close, but if your up to do a little driving the gorgeous landscape offers itself  as the perfect back drop  for a cruise through the Ozark hills. 

See the sights! 

Visit some of the other historic mills in our area!

Check out a few of the many crystal clear springs that dot southern Missouri, with Althea Spring just 10 minutes from Dawt along the very same North Fork River!

Take a day to do some hiking! the Devils Backbone Wilderness is just a short 30 min drive from Dawt!

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

Like to hunt for foul? Check out Ozark Wings Hunting Preserve

Perhaps you’re looking for that next trophy buck for your mantel, our friends at Tall Tine Whitetail Ranch are sure to get you exactly that

For the angler in your family, the local riverways and lakes offer ample opportunity to catch some monster fish