While we live and work here every day, we realize your visit to Dawt Mill may only be for a few hours or days. That’s why we take special care to provide a wide variety of activities, excellent service and the opportunity to enjoy wonderful meals beside the river we love. More importantly, it’s why we work on a daily basis to preserve an important piece of history at Dawt Mill.

If you’re not into huge crowds, a fast pace or typical tourist attractions, then Dawt Mill will quickly make the top of your destinations list. A quaint, quiet, naturally beautiful resort tucked among the trees along the river makes for the perfect spot to get away from it all.

We welcome visitors in search of an afternoon escape, a vacation, a corporate retreat or even the perfect venue for a wedding or family reunion. Our staff is experienced and stands ready to accommodate your needs.

We welcome you to Dawt Mill and look forward to your many returns in the years to come.

Dawt Mill Management